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Short professional courses are instructed by highly qualified instructors.

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A premier global capacity building and consultancy company

Profound Research and Consulting (PRC) is a global institutional capacity building and consultancy firm with its head office in Nairobi, Kenya.PRC offers technical and management consultancy services as well as capacity building services tailored for individuals and groups affiliated to public, Non-Profit Organizations and private sectors.PRC has identified itself with a market niche comprising of government ministries, departments ,parastatals and agencies,Non-Governmental Organizations across the continents. We have also built a global working network with academic institutions, international research organizations and private companies.Our capacity building and consultancy services are in the areas of GIS and Remote Sensing, ICT, Data Management and analysis among others.Our training services are aimed helping individuals improve their professional knowledge, competence, skills, and effectiveness and enable the institutions to get the best out of their workforce. This is achieved through conducting long-time impact professional short courses, conferences, workshops and seminars.



We provide training courses in GIS and remote sensing, Data management ana analysis, Information Technology and Monitoring and Evaluation


We provide training courses that have been designed and delivered in the context of our client’s specific needs and in line with international training standards.


We offer consultancy services in GIS and Remote sensing,Computing and Information Technology, Monitoring and Evaluation and Data management and survey


Capacity Building

We offer short professional courses that are well designed and delivered in the context of our client’s specific needs for upskilling and improving work performance . Tailor made courses are also provided to meet unique goals and objectives on request.

Course Variety

We have a wide range of course selection from GIS and Remote Sensing, Computing & Information Technology, Data Management & Analysis and Monitoring & Evaluation

Qualified and Certified Instructors

Our instructors are well-seasoned experts chosen from their fields of specialization with vast practical skills and competence on subject course

Recognized Certificates and Qualifications

Professional certificates are awarded upon successful completion and are affiliated with professional Institution and the relevant Awarding Body.

Best deals

Profound Research and Consulting offers courses at 50% off when the participant refers two(2) of his or her colleagues to take the same course and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE when he/she refer three(3) or more colleagues to take the same course. 20% discount is applied on all corporate /group trainings.

Post-Training support

Profound Research and Consulting offers a free six(6) month post training support to participants which include both online and on-site(where applicable) modes.

Upcoming Courses


I got the best training in Monitoring and Evaluation at Profound Research. They are the best and I can recommend anyone to attend their trainings
Profound Research have the best and qualified trainers. Their trainings that I have attended have met my expectations. They are my number one training firm in East Africa.
I attended a training in GIS and Remote Sensing at Profound Research services. I loved the way they are organized and the way their trainings are carried out. They are the best. Keep it up..
I enjoyed the practical training in mobile app development using Java and Firebase. I had great interaction with the trainer and it was great. It changed my attitude in software development and now i can develop my own app.

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